Lenticular Printing Posters

The best way to catch people"s eyes

Lenticular Printing Posters

The Big Image! Powerful, impressive, dramatic, provocative; effective posters are captivating. Adding lenticular imagergy draws a crowd and generates memorable conversation.

A poster is a very versatile medium which is loved and appreciated by the creators and the audience alike. Adding lenticular effects to this medium will leave a deep and endearing impression.

Making excellent lenticular posters is ViCGI's specialty! Renowned artists such as Tony Whelihan, Amalia Ulman etc. have converted their masterpieces into lenticular and found them even more expressive.

All lenticular printing effects such as 3D, Animation, Flip, Morph, and Zoom can be used on Posters.

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Examples of Lenticular Posters