About ViCGi

The Leader in Lenticular Printing

Visual Creative Graphics Innovations

Visual Creative Graphics Innovations (or ViCGI) is an American owned 3-D design and software company in San Jose California surrounded by other innovative companies in Silicon Valley. We are proud to be the industry leader in 3D printing and glasses-free or glassesless 3D video.

ViCGI is driven by our commitment to deliver the best quality products at the most affordable price with excellent customer service. Our professional team is here to serve your promotional and marketing needs by providing you with the best products from the 3D World that give excitement, invite attention, and convey precise messages.

If you are ready to start a 3D printing project, please check out our Workflow page for the process. We will be happy to help prepare all the necessary images. All you need is to provide us 2-D digital files in any graphics formats with at least 300 dpi.