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Effects of Lenticular Printing

ViCGI has helped many clients accomplish their lenticular printing projects customized in various sizes and formats tailoring for tradeshow giveaway. Presenting here are some of our samples. We have definitely more successful stories to tell.

3d printing

3D Effect

3D effect is really the archetype application of lenticular printing. There are two methods to achieve the 3D effect; i.e. the pseudo 3D method by manipulating the depth of the artwork’s layers digitally, or the true 3D method by taking multiple pictures of a scene with a digital camera mounted on a dolly such as the 3Dependable Lenticular Photo Producer. For your reference, we have written two tutorials, namely Convert 2D images to 3D and 3D Lenticular Interlacing Algorithm Illustrated Using Photoshop for the true 3D method.

Making a stunning and relastic pseudo 3D print requires solid knowledge of 3D concept and many years of design and printing experience.

Effects such as morph, flip, zoom, and animation are also common applications of lenticular printing. If you intend to carry out a DIY project on these effects please note that although the concept of these effects is relatively easy to grasp, the demand for precision on alignment and pitch test is much higher and hence it is more difficult to get a satisfied result.

morph effect
Morph Effect
Flip Effect
Zoom Effect
3d effect
Animation Effect
3D Effect