Difference in choosing lenticular lens for 3D and Flip

lenticular lensWhen choosing lenticular lens for lenticular printing one needs to know that there is a big difference between lens used for 3D and flip.  In general lens for 3D should have the thickness 3 to 4 times of the lenticule width, and lens for flip should have the thickness of 1.5 to 2 times of its lenticule width.

Your lens suppliers should offer two specifications for you on each line density.  For example 40 LPI 3D, and 30 LPI flip.  You can just feel the thickness to know which lens is meant for 3D and which lens should be used for flip.  Using the wrong lens can be disappointing, if not a complete disaster.

What if you only have the thin flip lens but you want to create 3D effect?  Yes, that is still possible but you cannot set too deep a depth.  If you set the depth too deep, the result will look more like a flip than 3D.

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