Cost of Lenticular sheets

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How to choose lenticular lens?

Before making a purchase decision for a lenticular sheet, it's essential to consider two key factors:

  1. Lens Type: Determine whether you require an animation lens or a 3D lens. Your choice will depend on the specific visual effects you want to achieve.
  2. Print Size: Consider the size of the print you intend to produce. The desired print size will influence the suitable lens for your project.
  3. These two questions will guide you in selecting the most appropriate lenticular lens for your needs.

Please use the following table to help make the decision.

Effect Print Size Type of Lens
Animation Small 50 LPI
Animation Large 20 LPI
Animation Super Large 10 LPI
3D Small 40 LPI
3D Large 25 LPI
3D Super Large 18 LPI

Please specify what you need and the price will be shown

inch x inch

Lens Density (LPI)

Adhesive Backing