Lenticular Printing Software

For Pitch Tests and Interlacing Images
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3Dependable Lenticular Photo Producer

The 3Dependable Lenticular Photo Producer is a versatile software for lenticular printing. It can be used to create pitch test patterns and interlaced images for 3D and animation. Although the software is bundled with the 3Dependable Dolly for taking pictures as the lenticular sequence, it can be downloaded separately as a stand-alone program. For those who are interested in making 3D lenticular prints, this program is an absolute must. It will save you time and make lenticular printing effortless.

The pitch test part of the software is fully functional. You can use it for pitch testing at any line density.

3dependable photo producer

3Dependable Lenticular Photo Producer binary

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User Manual

Users Guide for 3Dependable Lenticular Photo Producer